Neonable™ develops industry-standard processes and methodologies to streamline and optimize video game production pipelines. Establishing new frameworks using a combination of best practices, theory, and implementation insights constitutes a key part in our competitive advantage. Maximizing the potential, growth, and output of every team member by empowering them with the right tools and putting them first is our priority. Let's all move forward together in an environment where everyone's having a great time doing what they love.


Neonable™ was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Gabriel De Roy on September 1st 2015.
Prior to creating the company, founder De Roy spent 5 years developing entrepreneurial endeavors related to design and technology, while obtaining his Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and acquiring marketing experience at French companies L'Oréal and Ubisoft.


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Gabriel De Roy — Producer, Game Designer, Creative Director, Lead Programmer

Dream Fiend — Music & Voice Overs

Patrick Lavoie — Audio Lead & Mastering

Jérémi Ménard — Sound Design

Jérôme Saindon-Campeau — Audio Edits

Xavier Nolet — Additional Programming

Helgi Tómas Gíslason — Translation

Tianyu Li — Translation

Duy Pham — Translation

Francesca Bucchi — Translation

Andrei Enuta — Translation

Fabien Papineau-Belec — Translation

Dominik Chmielewski — Translation

Michael Meltchenko — Translation

Monetization Permission

Neonable™ allows for the contents of Bootleg Systems™ to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Bootleg Systems™ is legally & explicitly allowed by Neonable™.

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